Fields of use

OLF fixed and mobile impact crushers are used in all plants of the quarry and mining industries where you have to grind to obtain quality sands and thin materials in higher amounts:

  • crushing of inert materials.

Innovative uses concern the recycling of waste materials:

  • crushing of steelmaking waste
  • crushing of ceramic waste
  • crushing of concrete manufactured products
  • crushing of milled asphalt (watch the video)
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Secondary and tertiary impact crushers

• any kind of alluvial inert, limestone, gravel, pebbles and natural or pre–crushed stone, whatever their hardness and abrasivity are.
• stabilized inert with optimum granulometric curves and low presence of filler;
• polyhedral shapes with predeterminable size, thanks to the special adjustment system of the machine.
• the consumption of the wearable steel parts and impact bars, in order to minimize the weight waste of the castings. The MASTER impact crusher keeps a high-efficiency and constancy upon time with respect to the thinness of the crushed product, regardless of the gradual wear of the steel parts.

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